Major projects in 40 years...

About Us

ERKA-AS Group was founded in 1973 for undertaking multidisciplinary technical services and solving technical and economical problems as a whole. In 1979, the name of the company was changed as Erka-As Project and Research Co. with the recruitment of new members. Company acquired its current title in 1995 as Erka-As Design, Research, Construction, Tourism and Commerce Co. Since its foundation, a teamwork with modern design and research approaches was achieved by civil engineers, architects, city and regional planners, electrical and mechanical engineering groups, technology engineers and economists involved. Projects that have been completed till today reflect the diverse talents and experiences of the company.

Projects undertaken by Erka-As covers fields of civil engineering, architecture, city planning, environmental engineering, infrastructure, soil mechanics, geotechnical studies, economical analysis, investment planning and general research. Project Development and Project Management services are the subjects that the company is getting more and more involved at present.